Our conference would not be possible without our amazing FANHS Metro New York Board Members, Conference Committee Chairs, and Volunteers

FANHS 2016 National Conference Committee Heads

Overall Conference Coordinator
Kevin Nadal, Ph.D.
Authors Panels & Reception (Thursday Night)
Brenda Gambol (Chair)
Alexandra Thomas
Fashion Show (Thursday Night)
Sharlene Aquiler (Chair)
Nicole Elden, Ph.D.
Film Festival
Marissa Aroy (Chair)
Claro de Los Reyes
Renee Floresca
Nicole Elden, Ph.D.
Entertainment (Program for Wednesday Night)
Renee Floresca (Co-chair)
Andre Ignacio Dimapilis (Co-chair)
Sponsors/ Vendors/ Ads
Brenda Gambol (Co-Chair)
Lorial Crowder (Co-Chair)
Dolores Alic
Jennifer Quiambao
Children’s Room
Nancy Bulalacao (Chair)
Youth Program
Claro de los Reyes (Co-Chair)
Andre Dimapilis (Co-Chair)
Renee Floresca
Financing/ Fundraising/ Logistics
Dolores Alic (Chair)
Kevin Nadal (Chair)
RJ Kaleo Nadal
Cecile Sison
Jackie Tabaco

Gala Host Committee:
Nicole Ponseca
Monette Rivera
Programs Committee (Speakers, Breakouts, Proposal Review)
Alex Thomas (Chair)
Rose Cunanan
Brenda Gambol
Karmela Herrera
Cecile Sison, Ph.D.
Andre Ignacio Dimapilis
Dina Maramba, Ph.D.
Kristel Salandanan, Psy.D.
Annalisa Thomas

Program Booklet
Isabella Villacampa

Promotional Items 
Kristel Salandanan, Psy.D.

RJ Kaleo Nadal (Website)
Kirklyn Escondo (Communications)
Joey Tabaco (Social Media)
Isabella Villacampa (Social Media)
Alex Thomas (Chair)
Dolores Alic
Student Scholarships
Joan Mae Cordova
Renee Floresca

Stephanie Chrispin (Chair)
Kirklyn Escondo (Chair)

Daniel Ballesteros